Top 10 Reasons to Go to The Office Naked!

August 27, 2008

1. Work on your tan year round from radiation emitted from your computer monitor – Be sure to remove your monitor filter first for maximum results.

2. Gives ‘bad hair day’ a whole new meaning.

3. Stops people from stealing your pens and pencils after they have seen where you have kept them.

4. It’s your only chance to meet that hunk in human resources.

5. Your boss is always yelling from his leather chair, “I want to see your ass in here by 8am!”

6. You can finally say, “I would love to chip in, but I left my wallet in my pants.”

7. No one will ever dare steal your chair again

8. Diverts attention from the fact you came into work drunk and knocked over a filing cabinet or two.

9. Gives you a darn good reason to ask your boss for some new desk equipment, perhaps a wall partition.

10. Gives you the chance to create a quality Halloween costume from the empty mailing boxes and mailing tubes hanging around your office.


Disclaimer: Supply Brothers does not condone this behavior. It is intended to be humorous. However, if you decide to give this a try beware of paper shredders, sharp pens, scissors, etc. (I think you get the picture).


10 Great Organizing Tips for the Office

August 26, 2008

August 26th 2008 – Most of us find it easy to scatter things all over the office, rather than organize them. However, this is costing you time and money! Getting yourself organized is easy and simple. After all, the less time we are spending searching for lost items, the more time we have to spend with our family and friends.

Follow these 10 simple steps or be lost forever in a pile of papers!

1. Use colored filing folders, they make it easier to find information.

2. Use sorters, racks, and trays to help organize all the papers that come across your desk.

3. Buy a file box to store old papers and files, rather than leave them on your desk.

4. Organize your pens, paper clips, and office supplies with a desktop container.

5. Invest some money into a mutlifunction machine with a scanner, and have your important files stored on your computer or flash drive.

6. Use a shredder to get rid of old information on your desk you no longer need.

7. Immediately discard away any paper you don’t need in a recycling waste container.

8. Write down all of your appointments and your To-Do-List on a desk pad calendar, instead of on 100 different post its!

9. Invest in a Brothers Label Maker! Put labels on everything! It sounds a bit obsessive, but it’s easy to do, and it will avoid important documents being put into the wrong places.

10. Lastly, create a file system and store them in a secured and locking file cabinet.

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Top 5 Office Tips to Combat Office Theft

August 25, 2008

August 25 2008 – The most common mistake people make is assumption. We always have the notion that identity theft happens by computer hackers who steal our money, credit card, banking, social security, and other information over the web. The truth of the matter, lots of information and money is stolen right in your office! These perpetrators are often people you come in contact with at work. They can also be people who have access to your personal information, whom you are not in contact with.

Private information is stored about you everywhere. Think about the last time you visited the doctor. You had to give them your social security number, date of birth, and current address. All this information could be used to apply for a credit card in your name. Many of these places do not even provide any security measures to prevent this! However, you can make sure that this private information is not stolen from you right in the workplace. Or maybe you just want to send this email to your doctor’s office who still keeps folders unlocked and scattered all over his office.

These 5 tips will help you keep your money and information safe, and keep it out of the hands of people who could steal from you!

1. Under no circumstances leave sensitive papers out on your desk. We carry many different types of file folders that you can store sensitive information.

2. Once you gather all this sensitive information together – lock it up! We have dozens of different locking filing cabinets that could fit your needs.

3. Shred it! Do you keep personal employee information out for Otto the garbage man to see? If you don’t need it, then shred it. We have plenty of shredders to choose from personal to business shredders.

4. Don’t forget your cash! If petty cash on hand is over $500, use a money safe. Choose from our variety of Sentry Fire Safes.

5. Lastly, use data storage devices and lock them up! If you have sensitive data stored on your work computer, with easy access, than you will need a USB flash drive.

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Office Supplies for Your New Business

August 18, 2008

How to start a new office, the essential items you need, but more importantly, how to save money on them.


Starting a new business?  This can be a daunting task, but getting the supplies you need to run that business will be a cinch!


You will always need the basics, but first you need to answer some important questions.


·     Are clients visiting your office?  

·     Are you hiringemployees?      

·     Do you have room for expansion, etc?


These items matter a lot, and here is an example why. If you are starting a business as a legal consultant for high net worth individuals, obviously, your office has to reflect a sense of power, prestige, etc. The cheap laminate desk will not fly!


For our purposes, lets simplify and say that you are starting a business and are not expecting clients to visit, maybe it’s a home office.


Lets start first with the most basic, the chair. This is the one place where I highly recommend spending a little bit more. If you are going to be sitting all day, it is extremely important to have an ergonomically correct chair and one that is comfortable for you. There are many relatively inexpensive task chairs that can work great.  Follow this up with a few desks ergonomics, like an ergonomic mouse pad, desk pad, and wrist rests. They are relatively inexpensive and definitely worth the price.


For your desk, again if this is not a client office, feel free to skimp. There are many low costs laminate desks that would suit you fine. You will also need to have a filing cabinet, which will become an important organizer for you.  Remember, chair important, the desk is not so important.

Now for the basics.  Here are some of the items you need, then I’ll explain how to best purchase them: Pens, pencils, staplers, scissors, rubber bands, paperclips, tape, envelopes, pads of paper, printer paper, printer ink cartridges, manila folders and envelopes, markers or highlighters, note pads or post its, desktop organizers and calendars. Lastly, don’t forget the other essential items like bathroom and cleaning supplies, paper towels, coffee and a coffee maker.


On these general supplies, I recommend mostly generics, you will by them at a lower cost and save a substantial amount.  I recommend buying 2 or 3 quality and ergonomic ball point or gel pens. Then purchase a pack of stick pens. You will get a pack of 12 for less than you paid for 1 quality gel pen. Make sure you start with manila file folders, envelopes, and a few pads of paper. No matter what business you are running, these are universal and essential items. Again, look for low cost generics, you will hardly know the difference.


Lastly, don’t forget the toner and ink for your printers!



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5 Tips to Get Green on Your Office Supplies

August 13, 2008

There are many reasons to recycle, Supply Brothers wants you to be a part of it. However, recycling is more than just placing certain materials in a special bin. The recycling process begins with the separation of waste, which are processed, manufactured, made into new products, and sold. However, recycling will only work if consumers and businesses buy products made with recycled materials!

Supply Brothers carries over 2,000 products made from recycled materials. These products are less expensive to make, which means they are cheaper to buy! Be sure to carefully read each product page to find out whether or not the item you are purchasing is made from recycled materials.

Here are 5 simple ways to Get Green on your most popular office products!

1. Recycled copy paper – Typically copy paper is the most frequently used item in the office. Switch to a 30% recycled paper, such as Hewlett Packard’s HEW112100

2. Buy a Desk Pad Calendar made from 30% post consumer waste. Desk calendars are a great way to keep organized, why not buy one that is eco friendly!

3. Recycled filed folders, 1/3 cut, brown, assorted tab, 100 per box.

4. How about a Ring Binder made out of 100% recycled chipboard and 75% post consumer content.

5. No list is complete without the Post it! One of the most recognized and used office products. Or check out the traditional 3 x 3 yellow 12 pack, now made up of 30% post consumer waste.

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