Office Supplies for Your New Business

How to start a new office, the essential items you need, but more importantly, how to save money on them.


Starting a new business?  This can be a daunting task, but getting the supplies you need to run that business will be a cinch!


You will always need the basics, but first you need to answer some important questions.


·     Are clients visiting your office?  

·     Are you hiringemployees?      

·     Do you have room for expansion, etc?


These items matter a lot, and here is an example why. If you are starting a business as a legal consultant for high net worth individuals, obviously, your office has to reflect a sense of power, prestige, etc. The cheap laminate desk will not fly!


For our purposes, lets simplify and say that you are starting a business and are not expecting clients to visit, maybe it’s a home office.


Lets start first with the most basic, the chair. This is the one place where I highly recommend spending a little bit more. If you are going to be sitting all day, it is extremely important to have an ergonomically correct chair and one that is comfortable for you. There are many relatively inexpensive task chairs that can work great.  Follow this up with a few desks ergonomics, like an ergonomic mouse pad, desk pad, and wrist rests. They are relatively inexpensive and definitely worth the price.


For your desk, again if this is not a client office, feel free to skimp. There are many low costs laminate desks that would suit you fine. You will also need to have a filing cabinet, which will become an important organizer for you.  Remember, chair important, the desk is not so important.

Now for the basics.  Here are some of the items you need, then I’ll explain how to best purchase them: Pens, pencils, staplers, scissors, rubber bands, paperclips, tape, envelopes, pads of paper, printer paper, printer ink cartridges, manila folders and envelopes, markers or highlighters, note pads or post its, desktop organizers and calendars. Lastly, don’t forget the other essential items like bathroom and cleaning supplies, paper towels, coffee and a coffee maker.


On these general supplies, I recommend mostly generics, you will by them at a lower cost and save a substantial amount.  I recommend buying 2 or 3 quality and ergonomic ball point or gel pens. Then purchase a pack of stick pens. You will get a pack of 12 for less than you paid for 1 quality gel pen. Make sure you start with manila file folders, envelopes, and a few pads of paper. No matter what business you are running, these are universal and essential items. Again, look for low cost generics, you will hardly know the difference.


Lastly, don’t forget the toner and ink for your printers!



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  1. Mark says:

    Great site! I found all my back to school supplies for my kids!

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