10 Great Organizing Tips for the Office

August 26th 2008 – Most of us find it easy to scatter things all over the office, rather than organize them. However, this is costing you time and money! Getting yourself organized is easy and simple. After all, the less time we are spending searching for lost items, the more time we have to spend with our family and friends.

Follow these 10 simple steps or be lost forever in a pile of papers!

1. Use colored filing folders, they make it easier to find information.

2. Use sorters, racks, and trays to help organize all the papers that come across your desk.

3. Buy a file box to store old papers and files, rather than leave them on your desk.

4. Organize your pens, paper clips, and office supplies with a desktop container.

5. Invest some money into a mutlifunction machine with a scanner, and have your important files stored on your computer or flash drive.

6. Use a shredder to get rid of old information on your desk you no longer need.

7. Immediately discard away any paper you don’t need in a recycling waste container.

8. Write down all of your appointments and your To-Do-List on a desk pad calendar, instead of on 100 different post its!

9. Invest in a Brothers Label Maker! Put labels on everything! It sounds a bit obsessive, but it’s easy to do, and it will avoid important documents being put into the wrong places.

10. Lastly, create a file system and store them in a secured and locking file cabinet.

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