Top 10 Reasons to Go to The Office Naked!

1. Work on your tan year round from radiation emitted from your computer monitor – Be sure to remove your monitor filter first for maximum results.

2. Gives ‘bad hair day’ a whole new meaning.

3. Stops people from stealing your pens and pencils after they have seen where you have kept them.

4. It’s your only chance to meet that hunk in human resources.

5. Your boss is always yelling from his leather chair, “I want to see your ass in here by 8am!”

6. You can finally say, “I would love to chip in, but I left my wallet in my pants.”

7. No one will ever dare steal your chair again

8. Diverts attention from the fact you came into work drunk and knocked over a filing cabinet or two.

9. Gives you a darn good reason to ask your boss for some new desk equipment, perhaps a wall partition.

10. Gives you the chance to create a quality Halloween costume from the empty mailing boxes and mailing tubes hanging around your office.


Disclaimer: Supply Brothers does not condone this behavior. It is intended to be humorous. However, if you decide to give this a try beware of paper shredders, sharp pens, scissors, etc. (I think you get the picture).


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