5 Secrets to a Healthier Office Environment

September 24th 2008 – Supply Brothers



Does you typical day involve a sore back, a dire need to stretch out your body, a stiff neck, and sore wrists?


If you have answered yes, to even one of these questions, then you need to keep reading.


We took an office pool of 20 different companies, and we asked each of the employees what they use to help make the work day more comfortable and enjoyable. We have designated these tips to make your office more ergonomic. If you aren’t familiar yet with this term, allow us to explain.


Ergonomic-is defined as the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


Follow these 5 tips to create a more ergonomic office.


1. Use footrests. These are often overlooked, yet it’s a very important key to office ergonomics.


2. Buy an ergonomic mouse. These help relieve the tension that’s put on the wrist’s median nerve. These mice are clinically proven to help reduce discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome.


3. Now that you have the mouse, it’s time to buy an ergonomic mouse pad. One that features an angle adjustment will do just fine for maximum comfort.


4. Stop the wrist discomfort. Get a gel filled wrist rest that will bring some comfort to your desk. Better yet, buy one that is antimicrobial, so you won’t have odor causing bacteria growing on it.


5. Lastly, invest in a comfortable work chair for goodness sakes! This is most often overlooked. There are plenty of excellent ergonomic chairs that will make work seem easier and make your day fly by!



 We also recommend looking at Anti-glare Monitor Screens, split keyboards, and work stations.




Disclaimer: This article and any files transmitted with it are confidential and contain privileged or copyright information. You must not use this information as your own, without the consent of Supply Brothers.



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