How to Clean Your Computer/Laptop Keyboard

Tips for the office – Supply Brothers

Computer keyboards get dirty very easily, yet not cleaning them can lead to problems. If dust gets underneath your keys, they will not work properly. It’s important to maintain a clean keyboard if you don’t want to have problems and extend the longevity of your computer. You can follow these easy steps to make sure you don’t fall victim to a dirty keyboard.

Before you clean your computer keyboard it’s important that you shut down your PC. Remove the main plugs and unplug your computer keyboard.

1. I recommend using compressed air. You can buy these very cheap, they last long, and they work terrific at blasting dirt and dust away.

2. Turn your computer keyboard upside down and gently shake loose any debris or crumbs that are stuck underneath. (Lightly tap it on your desk for maximum results).

3. Use cleaning cloths to wipe clean the keys and chassis.

4. Dab a standard cotton swab, similar to one that you use to clean your ears with, in rubbing alcohol and use this to clean around and in between the computer keys.  

5. Lastly, use a computer vacuum to get rid of any remaining dust or lint.


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