Supply Brothers Reaches Milestone

Supply Brothers Alexa traffic ranking reached a milestone today, surpassing over 5 million websites. 


Hoboken, NJ – December 23, 2008Supply Brothers‘ Alexa traffic ranking reached a milestone today, surpassing over 5 million websites. “We are a very pleased what we have accomplished in the last year. Our increase in web traffic is due to a variety of different things. Customer service, which is the focal point of our company, has been our main focus. Today’s businesses lack a good deal of customer service, and that is why we have strived to do the opposite of our competition,” explains Gerard.
In the past 6 months, Supply Brothers grew its client base by 221%. “In these tough economic times, we are very fortunate to be doing better than our competition. Our success has been attributed to a unique combination of great customer service, fast shipping, and excellent pricing. Another reason for our success is our wide selection of products. When it comes to office supplies, we didn’t want to put a limit on our customers’ shopping experience. When our clients shop for regular staple items, such as pens and paper, they can also shop for other necessary office items like break room supplies, janitorial supplies, and presentation supplies.”
“Another reason for our milestone growth has been made possible through our returning customers,” says Gerard. “This is why we wanted to share our success with our customers and the less fortunate. Recently, we have teamed up with The Feeding America Network, a national food bank, recently to help give to the hungry. Every order that was placed with us from November 2 to December 19, we donated $1 on behalf of each customer who bought office supplies with us. We want to thank all of our customers who made this possible,” says Gerard.



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