Cleanse your home the eco friendly way!

November 18, 2009

November 17, 2009 – Supply Brothers

Cleaning your home in an environmentally safe way will go a long way towards living a healthier life.  The air in our homes should be pure, refreshing, and free of toxins.  The next time you clean, remember these important guidelines.

 Know your products

On average, most people clean their house once a week. Many household products use toxins and chemical, which pollutes the air in your home and contain dangerous chemicals.   Look for warning labels containing the words “caution, danger, poisonous,” or anything that would indicate harmful ingredients.   Not only are these products toxic when used, they also can leak small amounts of chemicals into the air polluting your home environment. 

 Did you know that compounds derived from coconuts can act as a disinfectant?

There are a host of replacement items that are safe to use and friendly to the environment.  One can easily find biodegradable cleaners at almost every local store across the country. When shopping for cleaning products, look for cleaning products that contain the words, “biodegradable, organic, natural, and non-toxic.”  Many people often make their own cleaning products out of items such as vinegar.  The web contains a vast amount of resources on this subject.

Dispose of toxic products in an eco friendly way

Removing these products from your home safely is easy. This does not mean you can just pour them down the sink or throw them in the trash! Doing this will only pollute our outside environment, streams, drinking water, etc. Call your local town or city hall, and be sure to ask them where and how to dispose of hazardous waste.  Many towns have a local hazardous waste pickup day as well.

Lastly, after removing harmful chemicals from your home, green up your home with plants! House plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also bring terrific health benefits into your home. NASA studied house plants, and they determined that they could greatly improve the quality of air. They reported that house plants can remove up to 87% of the air toxins, within 24 hours!

 By, Supply Brothers