5 Tips to Improve Office Ergonomics

5 ways to improve office wellness. Staying happy at work is very important. Doing so makes you more productive and helps maintain a positive mental attitude.

Tip 1:
Avoiding shoulder pain
Hunching your shoulders, while talking on the phone, can greatly increase your chances of developing neck pain. The best way to improve your chances of preventing neck pain is by using a hands free headset. Search Headsets

Tip 2:
Don’t overuse your hands
Hand pain is one of the most common occurrences in the office. Avoiding overuse of your hands can greatly reduce carpal tunnel and arthritis. Instead, use an electric stapler. They are not expensive, and they will reduce your changes of injuring your hands. Search Staplers

Tip 3:
Correcting bad posture
Lower back pain is as common as a cold. Preventing it is easy! Getting the correct lumbar support is crucial for office wellness. Using a lumbar cushion will greatly reduce your risk of lower back pain. Search Lumbar Cushions

Tip 4:
Taking care of your eyes
If you are spending a lot of time starring at a computer screen, chances are, you are at risk of eye strain. If you suffer from itchy, sore, dry, and blurred eyes, then you have most likely developed eye strain. Making a small investment on an antiglare screen monitor goes a long way to help preserve your vision. Search Antiglare Monitors

Tip 5:
Avoid leg pain
Making sure your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle is very important, when you are sitting for long periods of time. Finding a chair that is adjustable and comfortable is key. When looking for a chair, be sure to pick one that is can be lowered and raised to a comfortable height. Search Chairs

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