How to Host a Football Tailgate





Football season has officially begun. Tailgate parties should be a combination of camping meets sports bar. Here is a checklist of the basic essentials all tailgates must have. 

1.  Portable grill, radio, and cooler. (You can usually find these at places like Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
6.   Napkins
11. Invite as many of your closest friends!
Once you have these basic essentials, you can start your planning your tailgate. The first step is find out the parking situation and guidelines at your stadium. Every venue is different.
Sending out invitations is easy. Using Evite, email, or facebook are just some of the ways to spread the word about your party. Let your friends know if they plan on attending, they need to let you know as soon as possible. Getting a proper head count is essential to knowing how much food and supplies you will need.
I am a firm believer that you cannot have enough food. Even, if you have extra, leftovers are great snacks and will give you a night off of having to cook dinner. Hamburgers and hotdogs are a must. However, do be shy and spice things up a bit with some other types of food. You can never go wrong with marinated meat and vegetables. My favorite tailgate food is deep fried turkey or chicken. If you don’t have a portable deep fryer you can ask one of your friends to borrow one.
Cooking and setting up your tailgate requires the most time. You should start your tailgate cooking and eating at least 3 hours prior to kick off. Clean up should begin about 45 minutes before game time. This will give you plenty of time to walk to the stadium, go through security, and find your seats.
After party is key. Once the game has ended, there is always a mad rush of cars trying to leave the stadium. My friends and I always like to fire the grill up for one last hoorah and enjoy some more eating and relaxation. It sure beats sitting in traffic.
Lastly, have a great time and be safe. Always have a designated driver, and never let you friends drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car. 


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