How can Visual Aids Help Improve Your Child’s Learning?

October 20, 2010

Recently, I was watching a manager explain a concept to a fellow employee. However, my fellow employee did not understand the idea he was trying to explain. Quickly, I pulled my manager aside. He scribbled some information on a dry erase board. Soon the light bulb went off. My fellow employee knew exactly what our manager was saying.

Many people are visual learners, especially children. Multiple studies have concluded that students and adults who study, according to their own personal preferences, excel higher than students and adults who do not. Visual tools, such as dry erase boards, can greatly improve one’s ability to understand and learn new information.

Are you, or your child, a visual learner? Use the below questions to find out if you are. If you answer yes to more than two of the following questions, than you are most likely a visual learner.

1. Are you good at spelling?
2. Do you like colors and fashion?
3. Do you have to think awhile after someone explains a concept to you?
4. Are you good at visualizing objects?
5. Are you an excellent organizer?
6. Do you dream in color?
7. Can you immediately notice when something is out of alignment

Visual learners, such as yourself and your child, can prosper greatly when using visual tools. Dry erase boards can greatly increase your ability to recall information and they are great to illustrate images and graphs. Assorted markers can also be used to enhance the learner’s experience, through color coding. Dry erase boards are also a great way to go green. You can easily write and erase information, so there is no need to use up valuable pieces of paper. In addition to using less paper, dry erase boards are much easier on the eyes than your traditional black chalk board. Dry erase boards can be used to train employees, teach students, and allow anyone to make a professional presentation more impactful.

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How to Make Your Pet a Star

October 7, 2010

Enter Your Pet in our Picture Contest

Do you have a cute pet picture? If so, enter our “Supply Brothers Pet of the Week” contest. The winner will be selected by our staff on October 15th. If selected, your pet will appear on the homepage of our website for the entire week of October 18th through October 24th. Supply Brothers draws thousands of visitors per month, and your pet could be seen on our homepage!

To enter your pet, simply email us ( a photo of your pet before October 15th. Our staff will pick their favorite on October 15th and on October 18th, you can see your pet on our homepage Supply Brothers.

Don’t be discouraged if your pet does not appear at first, we will be choosing several winners and posting pet pictures for several weeks. All winners will be notified a day in advance.