Spilt Coffee on Your Computer Keyboard?

November 2, 2010

Typing on my computer keyboard with one hand and drinking a large coffee in the other hand. Racing to reach a 5pm deadline. I was on my way to the finish line. The light at the end of the tunnel was shinning brighter. As I was typing the last paragraph, someone shouted across the office. I jumped, along with my large cup of coffee. The cup hung in the air for a brief second and then a tsunami of coffee came falling down right on top of my computer keyboard. The liquid gushed over the sides of the keyboard, as the amount of liquid reached its capacity inside the plastic computer keyboard’s frame. My keyboard was fried like this morning’s eggs. I missed my 5pm deadline. Just borrow another computer keyboard you might ask. A room full of eager colleagues were trying to finish a 5pm deadline as well. Weeks later, I was talking with our supplier. I had mentioned the coffee incident. He had the solution. A forthright thinker had the genius idea of creating a washable computer keyboard.

Introducing the Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black

Pro Fit USB/PS2 Washable Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black


How can Visual Aids Help Improve Your Child’s Learning?

October 20, 2010

Recently, I was watching a manager explain a concept to a fellow employee. However, my fellow employee did not understand the idea he was trying to explain. Quickly, I pulled my manager aside. He scribbled some information on a dry erase board. Soon the light bulb went off. My fellow employee knew exactly what our manager was saying.

Many people are visual learners, especially children. Multiple studies have concluded that students and adults who study, according to their own personal preferences, excel higher than students and adults who do not. Visual tools, such as dry erase boards, can greatly improve one’s ability to understand and learn new information.

Are you, or your child, a visual learner? Use the below questions to find out if you are. If you answer yes to more than two of the following questions, than you are most likely a visual learner.

1. Are you good at spelling?
2. Do you like colors and fashion?
3. Do you have to think awhile after someone explains a concept to you?
4. Are you good at visualizing objects?
5. Are you an excellent organizer?
6. Do you dream in color?
7. Can you immediately notice when something is out of alignment

Visual learners, such as yourself and your child, can prosper greatly when using visual tools. Dry erase boards can greatly increase your ability to recall information and they are great to illustrate images and graphs. Assorted markers can also be used to enhance the learner’s experience, through color coding. Dry erase boards are also a great way to go green. You can easily write and erase information, so there is no need to use up valuable pieces of paper. In addition to using less paper, dry erase boards are much easier on the eyes than your traditional black chalk board. Dry erase boards can be used to train employees, teach students, and allow anyone to make a professional presentation more impactful.

Dry Erase Boards & Accessories:

Wall-Mount Dry Erase BoardsEasel Style BoardsDesktop/Portable Dry-Erase BoardsDry Erase Markers

5 Tips to Improve Office Ergonomics

June 6, 2010

5 ways to improve office wellness. Staying happy at work is very important. Doing so makes you more productive and helps maintain a positive mental attitude.

Tip 1:
Avoiding shoulder pain
Hunching your shoulders, while talking on the phone, can greatly increase your chances of developing neck pain. The best way to improve your chances of preventing neck pain is by using a hands free headset. Search Headsets

Tip 2:
Don’t overuse your hands
Hand pain is one of the most common occurrences in the office. Avoiding overuse of your hands can greatly reduce carpal tunnel and arthritis. Instead, use an electric stapler. They are not expensive, and they will reduce your changes of injuring your hands. Search Staplers

Tip 3:
Correcting bad posture
Lower back pain is as common as a cold. Preventing it is easy! Getting the correct lumbar support is crucial for office wellness. Using a lumbar cushion will greatly reduce your risk of lower back pain. Search Lumbar Cushions

Tip 4:
Taking care of your eyes
If you are spending a lot of time starring at a computer screen, chances are, you are at risk of eye strain. If you suffer from itchy, sore, dry, and blurred eyes, then you have most likely developed eye strain. Making a small investment on an antiglare screen monitor goes a long way to help preserve your vision. Search Antiglare Monitors

Tip 5:
Avoid leg pain
Making sure your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle is very important, when you are sitting for long periods of time. Finding a chair that is adjustable and comfortable is key. When looking for a chair, be sure to pick one that is can be lowered and raised to a comfortable height. Search Chairs

All Your Office Needs!


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How to Clean Your Computer/Laptop Keyboard

October 13, 2008

Tips for the office – Supply Brothers

Computer keyboards get dirty very easily, yet not cleaning them can lead to problems. If dust gets underneath your keys, they will not work properly. It’s important to maintain a clean keyboard if you don’t want to have problems and extend the longevity of your computer. You can follow these easy steps to make sure you don’t fall victim to a dirty keyboard.

Before you clean your computer keyboard it’s important that you shut down your PC. Remove the main plugs and unplug your computer keyboard.

1. I recommend using compressed air. You can buy these very cheap, they last long, and they work terrific at blasting dirt and dust away.

2. Turn your computer keyboard upside down and gently shake loose any debris or crumbs that are stuck underneath. (Lightly tap it on your desk for maximum results).

3. Use cleaning cloths to wipe clean the keys and chassis.

4. Dab a standard cotton swab, similar to one that you use to clean your ears with, in rubbing alcohol and use this to clean around and in between the computer keys.  

5. Lastly, use a computer vacuum to get rid of any remaining dust or lint.

5 Tips to Make Your Office Move Easy

October 6, 2008

October 8th – 2008 Supply Brothers


Moving your office can be a daunting task. If you don’t have a plan, you are asking for trouble. I recommend creating a checklist. Avoid planning as you go, which is not really planning at all. A budget will help you keep organized and keep the cost of moving reasonable.

Here are the essential tips.

1. Take inventory! Moving is an excellent time to do some spring cleaning. As you are taking inventory, be sure to throw away old papers, equipment, or any other items that are collecting dust. Most importantly, please recycle. If you don’t have a recycling bin, you can choose from a variety of recycling receptacles we offer.

2. Speak with several moving companies. Be sure to ask what they charge and any hidden fees that may apply. In some instances, if you are a minute late, moving companies will charge you for two days worth of rental time. Keep in mind most of them expect you till fill up the gas tank after use, so be sure to choose a company that is close to your office move. Some moving companies will let you drop off the rental from a different location than you rented it from. Just be sure to ask if they will charge extra for that. Lastly, ask them if they will provide moving boxes and packing tape and how much extra it will cost.

3. Contact the proper utility companies. You will need to call ahead of time to schedule the proper start and stop dates for your phone, electricity, internet, water, etc.

4. Provide the proper employee orientation. It’s essential that you train your employees on any new functions such as; security systems, phone, etc.

5. Have plenty of supplies. Please don’t underestimate this important step. You will need lots of boxes! The more, the better. (If you get your boxes from the moving company, you can usually return unused boxes for a refund. I recommend getting them from a grocery store if you are on a tight budget). Be sure to stock up on cleaning supplies. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust you will find when moving things. (Most companies will charge you a cleaning fee if you leave the place a mess). We recommend getting carpet cleaners, furniture polish, and disinfectants. Invest in a hand truck! This will save time and money, and it will also keep you from hurting yourself. Lastly, don’t forget bubble wrap to protect your valuable items.

When you are done with your move, plan a party and celebrate! Moving is no easy task. Whether you asked help from your best friend, coworker, neighbor, be sure to show them appreciation! Thank everyone for his and her contribution.


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5 Secrets to a Healthier Office Environment

September 23, 2008

September 24th 2008 – Supply Brothers



Does you typical day involve a sore back, a dire need to stretch out your body, a stiff neck, and sore wrists?


If you have answered yes, to even one of these questions, then you need to keep reading.


We took an office pool of 20 different companies, and we asked each of the employees what they use to help make the work day more comfortable and enjoyable. We have designated these tips to make your office more ergonomic. If you aren’t familiar yet with this term, allow us to explain.


Ergonomic-is defined as the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


Follow these 5 tips to create a more ergonomic office.


1. Use footrests. These are often overlooked, yet it’s a very important key to office ergonomics.


2. Buy an ergonomic mouse. These help relieve the tension that’s put on the wrist’s median nerve. These mice are clinically proven to help reduce discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome.


3. Now that you have the mouse, it’s time to buy an ergonomic mouse pad. One that features an angle adjustment will do just fine for maximum comfort.


4. Stop the wrist discomfort. Get a gel filled wrist rest that will bring some comfort to your desk. Better yet, buy one that is antimicrobial, so you won’t have odor causing bacteria growing on it.


5. Lastly, invest in a comfortable work chair for goodness sakes! This is most often overlooked. There are plenty of excellent ergonomic chairs that will make work seem easier and make your day fly by!



 We also recommend looking at Anti-glare Monitor Screens, split keyboards, and work stations.




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10 Great Organizing Tips for the Office

August 26, 2008

August 26th 2008 – Most of us find it easy to scatter things all over the office, rather than organize them. However, this is costing you time and money! Getting yourself organized is easy and simple. After all, the less time we are spending searching for lost items, the more time we have to spend with our family and friends.

Follow these 10 simple steps or be lost forever in a pile of papers!

1. Use colored filing folders, they make it easier to find information.

2. Use sorters, racks, and trays to help organize all the papers that come across your desk.

3. Buy a file box to store old papers and files, rather than leave them on your desk.

4. Organize your pens, paper clips, and office supplies with a desktop container.

5. Invest some money into a mutlifunction machine with a scanner, and have your important files stored on your computer or flash drive.

6. Use a shredder to get rid of old information on your desk you no longer need.

7. Immediately discard away any paper you don’t need in a recycling waste container.

8. Write down all of your appointments and your To-Do-List on a desk pad calendar, instead of on 100 different post its!

9. Invest in a Brothers Label Maker! Put labels on everything! It sounds a bit obsessive, but it’s easy to do, and it will avoid important documents being put into the wrong places.

10. Lastly, create a file system and store them in a secured and locking file cabinet.

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