Three Easy Purchasing Practices for any situation

July 26, 2010

Hoboken, NJ – Sept 17 2010 -The challenging economic climate has made the procurement department more important than ever. Purchasing practices have certainly changed over the years and this area is constantly evolving to become more efficient. Many studies have been published on this subject and extensive research has been done. We here at Supply Brothers decided to share these best practices with you in a manner that can be applied to your every day purchases. This article will help the average consumer and the seasoned corporate purchasing professional.

1. Develop strong negotiation skills: For some of us, negotiating can be a daunting and even intimidating task. Negotiating becomes more comfortable with practice but one key item can greatly help you. Planning is the key to a great negotiation. Research your purchase and make sure you are aware of key variables, historical prices, etc. For example, lets say you are buying a car. If you go in prepared, knowing the invoice price or the blue book value, you can stick to a number that you are willing to pay for the car, based on published values. Your negotiation becomes much easier now that you are armed with actual data to back up your offer price.

2. Focus on total cost: Everything has a cost. The time spent researching a product, the manner in which you procure a product, and many other variable factor into your total price paid. If you find an item you want but then drive hours to several different sellers to find the best price, you are essentially raising your total cost. Time spent, Gas, transportation costs, etc now become part of the equation. Be aware of these variables and control them. This brings us to the most important point, use technology to your advantage.

3. Using Technology: If you have frequent purchasing habits, or needs, try to automate with technology. Allow technology to streamline your research and help you make decisions. In addition, using the internet to make your purchases allows you to research deals and special offers in moments. Some sites online still offer free shipping. Before making your purchase, always factor in the shipping and handling costs. Be wary of merchants offering low prices but then making it back on high shipping costs. Compare Now and Start Shopping!


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Save Energy, Save Money

June 21, 2010

Simple and Easy Ways to Conserve energy in the home or office

Hoboken, NJ – June 21 2010 – Sometimes being green friendly and wanting to save energy (and money) requires a major change.  Fortunately, for you reading this, we are exploring the simpler options.  Hey, it is the little things, right?


1. Vampire electronics:  Most of our electronic devices continue to utilize energy even when they are turned off!  This “standby energy” is constantly being drained as long as the device is plugged in.  Your entertainment system when it’s not in use is costing you an estimated $76 a year, ouch.  Several manufacturers are working on energy saving surge protectors.  The Belkin (BLKBG10800004)  surge protector comes with 2 “always ON’ outlets for items like Routers and DVR’s but has six outlets that can be turned off when not in use.  These “Eco outlets” stop energy from flowing to the plugged in device which will prevent the energy drain on appliances not in use.   As an added bonus, it comes with a remote for easy operation.  This summer, a number of similar products are expected to hit the market. 


2. Computer or Home Office: How about tackling 2 items with one solution?  The Tripp Lite ECO series UPS system provides “Eco” surge outlets, Phone/DSL surge protection, and is a UPS backup system that protects your computer from data loss in the case of a power outage. We found several versions with the entry level around $50.  The entry level TRPECO350UPS gives you 6 outlets (2 Eco friendly and 3 with UPS backup).   Protect your computer from data loss and save energy?  Not a bad deal considering that your computer easily uses $50 a year in ‘standby’ energy.


3. Give the home or office Fridge a break:  Refrigerators account for about 20% of Household electricity use.  Use the thermometer in your refrigerator to set your fridge to 37F degrees and your freezer to about 3F degrees. Good rule of thumb, make small changes with your freezer to ensure that you don’t set it too hot or too cold.


4. Use the sun to your advantage: On hot days, while you are at work, leave the blinds drawn or closed to keep out the sunlight and reduce the heat in your house.  Come home to a much cooler house!  On cold winter days, allow plenty of sunlight to flood your rooms. 


5. Turn down your water heater thermostat:This is a simple process and there are many guides to help you do this.I would caution, as with any electric device, if you are unsure of what to do, seek professional help.  However, most people could probably do this on their own.  Thermostats are often set to 140 degrees F when 120 or even 110 are usually fine. Each 10 degree reduction saves 600 pounds of CO2 per year for an electric water heater.


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How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

October 24, 2008

Light Bulbs

Supply Brothers wants to help you Get Green and save money. We have started a new program with 10 ways to Get Green. This is our first tip. Each week we will email you our next suggestion to help you save money and Get Green.

Tip Number 1:

Change your light bulbs! Installing a fluorescent bulb is the quickest and easiest way to start saving energy and begin saving money! Unlike incandescent bulbs, Fluorescents are much different. Rather than create lots of wasted heat, they convert that energy into light!

The Benefits: Fluorescent bulbs consume about 75% less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than regular bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs usually last up to 12,000 hours!

An average household uses up to 10 light bulbs. Buy just seven of ours today and get free shipping!

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