Step 3 of Getting Green: Recycle Your Electronics!

November 19, 2008

November 19 2008 – Supply Brothers

In 2005, Americans threw out a record 5.5 billion pounds of electronics, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. What was the result of this? Millions of pounds of chemicals and heavy metals ended up in the ground! The average American doesn’t realize how easy it is to recycle.

The Consumer Electronics Organization created a special website to help people find a recycling center near where they live. The site also provides a list of electronics, from laptops, to baby monitors, that are easy on the environment and your energy bill. The website is called


How to make money and help save the environment: The average American household has three used cell phones stashed away somewhere in their home. You can sell these unused phones to You can expect to receive about $35, and the phones will be refurbished and sold.


When you are sitting around watching TV, just remember this. If just 1 million people recycle their old one cathode-ray tube TV this year, we’d keep 4 million pounds of lead out of the ground!

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Donate Your Old Computer

October 17, 2008

Supply Brothers believes in being a part of the solution, when it comes to recycling, not a part of the problem. Preventing waste is our biggest challenge today. When you outgrow your computer, cell phone, and other equipment, it’s important that you recycle these products. Electronic equipment can be recycled for recovery of metals, glass, plastics, and many other materials. Donating your used equipment also allows schools, nonprofit organizations, and lower income families to obtain equipment that they otherwise could not afford.


Visit EPA.GOV today to learn how you can recycle your old electronics.



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